My favorite texts are the ones where you re-read and it still puts a smile on your face like it’s the first time you read it.

You deserve someone who never stops trying to show how much you mean to them, even after they have you.

Don’t ask me to stand there and watch you love someone else. I refuse to. I’d rather walk away from everything that we have ever built, than to pretend like I am fine. I’m not fine, and it’s not okay. And if you ever thought I could live on it just means you never understood the way I am.

And the saddest feeling in the world is when you are missing someone. But you do not miss them as they are now, because they have changed. You just miss the way they used to be. You miss the moments you lived together. But it could never be the same again. You miss the thing that doesn’t exist anymore. Only somewhere far, far away, deep inside your memories. And that hurts like hell. Knowing what it used to be and realizing it can never ever be like that again.



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