There is something inside you. Something different. Something real.
And it’s been waiting for a long time to crawl out.

They said you were ordinary. So you accepted their words.
“You were always ordinary.” Trying to fit in. Doing your best.
You were never supposed to be ordinary.
You were never supposed to fit in.
You are the exception. The fraction of light in the dark, dark universe.
The oxygen in the nitrogen dominated air.
The necessary being that affect galaxies just by pure existence.

Feelings are only superficial. Emotions run much, much deeper.
So many connections inside your mind. So many colors.
Ones and zeros might be like black and white.
But you are the proof of the importance of gray zones.
Proof not everything is black or white.
Proof there is much more than we can actually see and perceive.

Knowing what something is isn’t the same as knowing what something feels like.

This is original work. Please reference this site or post if you wish to share it.

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