dedicated to the past

I once felt special
I thought you cared
Now I’m lost
I’m traveling to Nowhere

I still download pictures of trains
I still shiver when I hear your name
But you’re long gone
You left me alone

Somebody new came along
You learned how to dance to their song
My feelings haven’t changed
But you never loved me anyway

From all this pain I became numb
I don’t know if I could love someone
This winter had great potential for love
But all I’m left with is a broken heart

How can we ever go back
To the times before you lied
I can’t never ever forget
Those moments we stood side by side

I wrote you song
You didn’t care
It was careless fun
Going nowhere

I visualized future once you came along
I though you were the most beautiful song
I visualized future I thought we once had
But you left me broken
It was over before it began

My heart is no more, but I still forgive
I don’t know how I’m still capable to live
This broke me so much, the pieces are dust
Even the hard parts started to rust

The end.

A song that once had meaning. I posted it so it doesn’t get lost. I burnt the paper, now it’s a ghost. Goodbye to the times I believed were real.

This is original work. Please reference this post and site if you want to repost. Thank you for respecting the law.




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