Heart on rails

The window was clear. You could see the nature while you passed by. Slowly. Not as fast as life passes you by. That’s what he loved about trains. They were going at just the right speed.

Everything was always pressured in life. Having to do things you don’t like, or have the time to think about them at all. Just do them as quickly as possible. Because it’s the right thing to do. Realizing life was not about doing the things you have to do, but doing the things that make you happy and at your own pace was the breaking point. That was something he actually always knew, but never really took the time to consider a different road. Now roads are all he thinks about. New environments. Change. Actually taking the time to feel the moment. To breathe it in.
His grey sweater combined perfectly with the outside world. The snowy valleys. Something he never truly experienced before. Something that need more than a few moments to process. Something actually worth passing by. A blue tip of the cap caught his eye outside the glass door. She turned around as she was passing by. Remember when you were just a child. It was a Christmas morning and you parents made you hot chocolate for breakfast in bed. Then, after you played with them, you got to open lots of gifts. And later your grandparents showed up with some more. That’s what her smile felt like. Like it could melt all the snow around them. She felt like home. Not a house. But a place. A feeling of safety and love. And it was just her smile. What about her eyes? As much as he enjoyed to look out of the window, eventually he fell asleep turning towards the door.

Sound of glass shatter woke him up. An old lady broke a glass in the hallway. The view from the window was still amazing. Beyond any explanation.
His stop was next. His heart was pure. His mind was cleared. It was time to let go.
But as he was standing on the station looking at the train slowly disappearing in the fog, his mind was missing his heart, that has stayed on that train permanently.


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