lie to me


You didn’t appreciate my time. You never understood my why.
You tried and got burned, you have never learned.
My pain, my loss, my essence.

I was like a shattered glass when you picked me up and left.
You made me feel whole and now I can never make it back to where I was.

I knew you loved me, I loved you too.
What happened to that? We can never go back.

My scatter didn’t cut you, but you never wanted to learn.
You always thought it was easy for me to yearna normal life.

My problems were okay, my life was so good
So you thought and never understood

I was crashing down my world every night
I was trying not to fall apart
But you never asked

You said you understood, you told me you cared
But you almost never showed me you were there

We always stayed up at night
Not having dreams
Only heavy fights
You didn’t know how much this hurt
You didn’t know the way it burned

You didn’t care and that’s okay
So why can’t I learn and go away
I still write, every day, every night
About you

How can this reality be so cruel?
And if I ever move away
I will still feel like nobody cared.


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