The only thing you need to believe in, is yourself.

Not gods, or saints, or forces that control our lives. It’s you. Your thoughts, your actions. Everything you do or just think about affects the world around you. It shapes the way you look at the world. And it shapes your future as well.

All I needed was somebody to believe in me, said little catterpillar.
But the father butterfly was never supportive. It always said mean thigns to the little guy, how he could never succeed, how he’s not good enough. It made the young one wonder if this was what he wanted to become. To grow up, be strong, be able to fly, but also be so mean to his future children. It’s a good thing his mother was kind and always took care of what he needed. She was so supportive, but still it didn’t erase the feeling of being alianated by his own father. It’s in the nature of things to hold on to the bad and easily forget the good.

It is in you. You decide what to keep inside. What to keep you going. The good or the bad.
Sometimes it is okay to hold on to something not so good, just as a reminder, as a lesson. But concentrating on the positive things is always a better alternative. You need to understand that the spark in your eyes will make you fly, not the sadness or the tears.
Believe in yourself a little more, it is all I ask, and you will fly away to a promising future you so desperately deserve.


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