Ever been in love?

Do you see how I still look at you, do you feel how I still feel when I do?

Is this how we’re supposed to feel?
Is this how we’re supposed to love?
Does everyone get this lost?
Do your eyes ever catch the sparkle in mine?
Is it all important now? Can I ever be fine?
Should we forget? Regret?
Should we stand in the rain again?

Just to see you I would stand freezing in front of your doorstep. For just a moment of you, a glimpse. It would be enough for me. Worth it. Even when it’s raining. I wanted someone who would want this to. For me. But nonetheless I wanted you, even if you didn’t want to freeze for me. With me.

Now I stay frozen even when it’s warm. I feel a stone cold tunderstorm inside my body, heart and mind. And I do mind.
Everything I feel, I want to erase. It includes you. It’s like I came from outer space.

And art comes from despair. But I always wanted you there.
Forgetting seems so hard. I used to lower my guard. For you.
Now I’m trying to move. To breathe. To escape.

I promise this is the last thing I’ll tell. I hope to never love you again.
I will not write poems or be sad. Because of you I feel this bad.

Goodbye heart, love and soul. I won’t torture myself anymore.
Goodbye friend, hopes and ice. I could never again look into your eyes.


This is original work. Please reference this post or blog if you plan on using it. Thank you for respecting the law.

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