And then you stop

And then you see this.

The light. So white, it was more terrifying than the dark. In the dark you knew something bad must hide, but here you didn’t know what to expect. And that’s a real treat. The not knowing. The ignorance. The “what’s next” kind of situation.

And then you fall in love. Everything you felt becomes enhanced. Everything you expected in life changes. Wishes, dreams.. you are not alone anymore. Everything starts to make sense.

And then you break apart. You turn off. Just for a moment. Shut down. Nothing is important now. All the plans, all the sacrifices were made for nothing. This is how you feel. The new normal.

And then you let go. You feel okay now. Maybe even happy ahout it. You realize you were okay before. You accept that. And you can finally move on.

That’s the beauty of life. Changes. Seasons. The good and the bad.

Accept things as they are and try to understand them. Not to fit in. But to observe. To model. And to always have a free mind and heart. And always, always wonder why.


Life is fragile and absurd.

-Leo Tolstoy


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