I crave us hugging.

Your touch. Your heartbeat. The glare in your eyes.
Missing everything you make me feel when we’re together. Missing the way you look at my lips moments before we kiss.
Missing you is killing me. Missing you feels like a hardest memory.
One day I think I’ll break, but then there you are and it’s all okay. When you can’t or won’t come to me I just imagine and I daydream.

I tried to be less awake. But these moments keep letting me break.
I always wondered when this day would come.
When we were over and everything’s gone.
I never wanted to break you heart.
I love you. I’m yours. I’m falling apart.

I know it’s too late now. Your forgiveness will never be around.
I made you lose your mind. And not in a good way, it should have been fun.
I am sorry for the trouble. And everything bad.
It was mostly good and now we’re both sad.
I forget for a moment that you’re now gone, I stand there and imagine
Where it all went wrong.

Loving you is killing me. Loving you feels like a hardest memory.
Missing what you made me feel when we were together. Missing the way you looked at my lips. Your eyes. Your perfume. Your hand touching mine.
I miss. I regret. I’m trying to forget.


This is original work. Please do not copy or distrubute without giving me credit or a reference. Thank you for respecting the law.

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