Life is art.

I feel scared that explaining to you how I feel will get you bored.

That one day you will feel indifferent and just answer what you’re supposed to answer because you’ll be hearing those words a lot and they would lose their meaning.
I try to keep myself from saying too many nice things to you so we don’t get to that point.

You only ever once said how you felt and it was in the form of “you too”.

Maybe you we’re right to keep it to yourself, maybe I’m overdoing it. But just know I will constantly feel the need to tell you just how much you mean to me.
And despite everything you always will.

Time passes. It gets lost in long periods of fighting to survive. But all that matters is finding someone to keep your heart warm. And always cherish them and keep them safe. It presents the ultimate happiness and the main goal in life. Holding tightly to your personal treasure, making sure it’s yours forever.


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