New order

We are one. Claim back humanity.


I often wonder why is that we tolerate living in a society so full of materialism, jealousy,xenophobia and indifference. We see refugees fleeing for their lives from wars that we created and then left behind the mess. We watch on the TV as these people, in despair take to boats in a desperate attempt to find safety. Yet somehow we have allowed ourselves to become immune to their pain their suffering. We have become desensitised as all this horror is sanitised by those who control the flow of information. How do we react? Are we saddened by what we see? Horrified by the faces of the children traumatised by this life? No we fear. Fear they will take our jobs, take our houses, fear that they are terrorists in disguise. Labels given by clever media moguls to dehumanised so that they can persecute the already persecuted. Man’s inhumanity to man…

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