Art of destruction

When you realise you have no other choice, no alternative you can become dangerous. You can start posing a threat to yourself and the people around you, trying to alianate everyone and have one more reason to go balistic.

Everybody’s story is unique. This too shall pass.

Have you tried everything that can help?
What would you say to somebody in your situation?
What are your reasons for living?
Where is hope?
How have you coped in the past?
What lines were crossed that made you ignore your natural instinct?
How come you can’t find the light to survive?
What if all this time you weren’t alive at all?

What do I really want someone else to tell me right now?
What would I tell someone else right now who wanted to die by suicide for the same reasons that I do?
What would it help me to tell myself?
What would it help me to truly believe?


“To the world you may be only one person, but to one person you may be the world.”


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