Nights were made for opening up your mind and exploring every possibility that seems so distant during the day.

Nights can make you feel a lot more than you usualy feel. And when you survive and if you survive, the morning erases everything you felt during the night.

It’s like the sun light illuminates your mind and you forget all of the things that made you stay awake. Like you’ve been brainwashed. You just get up, go on with your daily activities and then again when the night comes you start to feel. You feel pain, loss, love, lust and everything becomes so enchanced. So lively. Like jungle colors in the spring. The darkness creates a great contrast and the feelings start to shine bright.

In the contrast the light is always stronger. Even though the dark seems like a winner. This is just because people tend to remember the bad things, oppose to the good times they’ve lived.

Will this always be like this? Or will optimism prevail in people’s lives and the nights get illuminated like the days. Time will tell. And everything is just a point of perspective.


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