A look in the mirror

Have you ever noticed that when you feel good, it appears others are good as well? Isn’t it funny how people change their perspective.
The world is a reflection of ourselves. When we hate ourselves, we hate the entire world. But when we love and accept who we are, the world is an amazing place.

The picture of ourselves defines a blueprint which determines how we act, what we’ll try, whom we’ll meet, what we shall avoid. Every tought we have and every decision we make comes from how we see ourselves.
This image is colored with experience, ups and downs and actions others took around us in our lifetime. Since we believe in the truthfullness of this image, we keep living inside of its borders.

We are what we beleive we are.

When everything in life is going well, you will stop at one moment and say: “Wait! It shouldn’t be like this! Something bad must be waiting around the corner!”. And when something bad actually happens you take a deep breathe and say: “I knew this wouldn’t last!”.
You don’t seem to notice that there are many people who are sometimes sad and others who are mostly happy. It’s not life, it’s attitude.

We determine the quality of our lives and the picture of ourselves we see in the mirror. Our selfworth and the amount of happiness is ours to set.

The “ME” that others see

Observing our surroundings we can easily guess the way other people see us. We build relationships with people who do things we believe we deserve. People behave towards us the way we behave towards ourselves and the way we allow them to behave. If you respect yourself, others will too.
And you deserve love and respect not because you are pretty or handsome, rich or successful, a good athlete or an inspiring artist, but simply because you, like everything around you is a part of the same universe. And you need to act the way you want the universe to repay you.
The responsibillity is yours. No excuses. No limitations. Love and be loved.


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