All those late night conversations, texts
You promised we’ll be always next to each other

How to survive when there’s a deadline to love
And you’re aware that one day it’ll end
How to keep on going
How to pretend
That this will last
This will stand
We’ll beat all our demons
And fall in love again

But this will be
Just a memory
I’ll remember you
You’ll remember me
And I will try to understand
All these moments until the end
And I will hope to survive
Because just one more breathe can make me die

This will be just a memory
Of love and loss and fantasy
And I will try to understand
Why this lasted ’till the very end
And just why we set a deadline to love

This love
Was real
But nothing can ever make me feel
This sad
I’m alright
I will never ever give up a fight
This love
Made me feel
Like I could always
Be real

It’s why I’ll always love you
It’s why I’ll always remember
The moments we had
Why it must end It will always be a part of me

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